about us

about us

For more than 20 years we have been showing our professional competence to develop local, national and international businesses, specialising in the optimization of companies’ internal capacities, products and services.

 We help our clientes to identify the most appropriate markets and to generate and satisfy the consequent demand by means of the best possible positioning at all levels: procurement, production, R&Di, commercial (sales+marketing), development of distribution channels, certificates, entry barriers and so on.

Our extensive work experience covers several different business types B2B and B2C and also different size firms, from startups to up-and-running multinational companies operating worldwide.

We encompass a wide range of areas such as industry, chemical and petrochemical sectors, mining, iron & steel industry, technology, equipment goods, agriculture, consumer goods and renewable energies.

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David González Busch

Cofounder- Managing Director

Superior Industrial Engineer and international commerce expert. 20 years experience in business development. His work has been carried out in highly diverse environments and conditions: companies with with 2 to 5.000 employees, B2B and B2C transactions involving from consumer goods to turnkey industrial projects and also high technology and added value raw material supplies. He has also implemented business plans for small business, startups, SMEs and multinational corporations with distribution centers and production facilites operating in different continents.

His working system is based on a quest for maximum competitiveness by means of combining excellent products/services and the best possible organization, efficient production system, intelligent selection of markets and target clients, appropriate distribution channels and pomotion and a perfect adjustment to environment.

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Ana Menéndez

Cofounder- Associate Director

Graduated in English-German Philology, translator and international business expert. She has a broad experience in market analysis, search for potential high competitiveness market niches, target clients detection and profiling: location, consumption habits, purchase power, socio-economic characteristics, acquisition and payment systems as well as identification of barriers and certifications required.

Always focused on results to ensure the maximum return on investment not only just economic but also every kind of enterprise resource.

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