competitive improvement

The general modules that shape our working system are the following ones:

internal diagnosis
Business plan and company’s overall performance evaluation. Diagnosis and improvement recommended topics

external analysis
Markets research and current marketing methods’ evaluation. Comprehensive study on competitors. Markets and potential clients detection

competitive improvement
Identification of improvement fields such as: corporate image, technology, products, purchasing, logistics, commercial management, distribution channels and internal organisation

strategic plan desgin
Corporate image reinforcement, corporate positioning, exhaustive definition of target markets and client, pricing system setting, channels distribution establishement, purchasing method and logistics management, overal commercial and marketing plans. Company’s export capacity survey. Setting up and monitoring of control metrics


online consulting

As a complement to our in-company consulting services, Alad3 also offers 2.0 solutions. This online consulting service covers several types of subscription modules according to time length, providing all of them solutions to every theoretical/practical concern about business development at both the strategic and operational levels

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Our mentoring service provides support to startups and enterpreneurs in their business launching process


business representation

We represent companies from various sectors. European businesses interested in launching or expanding in Spain or companies from any other continent wanting to start their activity in Europe. We also perform international outsourcing services  for Spanish companies

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welcome to Europe

Our fully customizable program allows non european companies to obtain information about markets, to identify partners or collaborators and to draw up comprehensive plans when landing in Europe

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sponsoring research

Alad3 knows how to find the most suitable sponsorship for those companies interested in enhancing their overall visibility as well as adding corporate values that will increase their reputation. Our team also designs specific sponsorship programs by identifying sponsors for every kind of public/private entity, teams or events

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