welcome to europe

welcome to europe

do you know how to develop your business in Europe?

We are experts in building “business bridges” between countries and continents to facilitate the commercial activities of regional, national and international enterprises and public organisations by offering a wide portfolio of B2B and B2C business services for non-EU and european public and private entities.

list of business development services for private entities

  • market analysis throughout different european countries
  • definition of target niches and customer types
  • fitting of corporate image to european markets
  • development of sales/marketing actions according to european customers preferences
  • establishment of efficient and accurate distribution channels
  • management of entry restrictions
  • accomplishment of requested certificates
  • redesign of products packaging, specifications and use instructions
  • research of technological partnerships, local investors and financing funds

business development service program for public entities, chambers of commerce or any other kind of economic development agency

  • promotion throughout europe of the organisation and its area of influence as a target location for visitors, investors, technological partnerships and companies to settle in or to work with
  • connection to other european local/regional/national entities to increase personal/commercial/technological/financial relationships in both ways: from/to europe
  • boost of organisation’s members to improve their business possibilities in europe such as new commercial channels, customers, suppliers, investors and partners
  • organisation of networking events with the aim of reinforcing the interaction between private and public entities

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